Whiteladies Road Pizza Workshop will be closed Thursday 15/3/2018 for a private pizza course from 6pm





At Pizza Workshop, we offer 10 carefully crafted sourdough pizzas (and one or two specials). It’s not some dastardly plot to rid the world of choice. More a belief in putting all our energy into making one thing the best we possibly can.








We call them “Boccas” but in essence they are a pizza sandwich, made from our sourdough, baked in the oven and served piping hot and oozing with cheese (and other delicious ingredients). A bit like panini but SO much better! We only serve them during the day and they are perfect for eating on the move (or even better with a cold beer in Pizza Workshop).




Our pizzas are a true labour of love! They are made from a 100% sourdough base with no added yeast, slowly risen over 30 hours, resulting in an incredibly light and delicious dough. Each one is topped with our home-made tomato sauce using the very best, crushed San Marzano tomatoes, finest Italian cheeses and extra virgin olive oil.




 “Pizza Workshop, unquestionably serving the leading pizza in Bristol.”


“Crisp and consistent dough, with uncomplicated and compelling flavours.”


“They really do deliver on 'One Thing. Made Well' but their sides and bites are equally great too!”


“Wonderful authentic pizza - highly recommended. The Bocca panini make a wonderful lunch too. Great service and friendly staff.”


“Delicious pizza, lovely thin crust sourdough base and tasty tomato topping. Great decor and atmosphere.”


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Whiteladies Road Pizza Workshop will be closed Thursday 8/3/2018 for a private pizza course from 6pm